Founded in 2015 in Bordentown, NJ by Dave Hansen (formerly General Manager of Epitaph) and Darius Van Arman, Ben Swanson, & Chris Swanson from the Secretly Group with the vision to have a plant that supports and presses for independent labels.

Independent Record Pressing 2015

Independent Record Pressing 2015

The plant started with 6 vintage Hamilton Presses made in the late 70s/early 80s. As new presses started to be manufactured, we partnered with Viryltech in Canada and purchased 6 new Warmtone Automatic Presses.

Independent Record Pressing 2019

Independent Record Pressing 2019

Today we have a total of eight -12" presses in the weights of 140-180g pressing some of the most important and highly regarded albums in the world. Independent has pressed Bon Iver, Radiohead, Tom Waits, Jim James, Queens Of The Stone Age, Mac DeMarco, Greg Allman, Angel Olsen, Sufjan Stevens and many more.


In a time when music can be consumed for free, a music fan spending $20 on an LP means that the expectation for quality is high.

From test pressings, to consistent sound quality checks during production, to the assembly process, we continue to make the best records in the market and make sure our customers are 100% satisfied.


The Process of making vinyl is detailed and intricate, we give customers the online access to view where their records are at each step in the production process.

We are flexible. We can press and assemble albums with components that you supply, or we can handle the entire process from getting lacquers cut and ordering all print components.